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Should HabboQuests have become official?

Posted on: March 24th, 2014 by Skandair

HabboQuestsToday Habbo have released the list of twelve fansites which have received and will remain with official status. All of these twelve sites have their own purposes and needs… But is one of them a fraud and overall copy?

The last time official status was up for grabs the infamous fansite, HabboSecrets, made a huge fuss on how official fansites work. If we remember correctly, it caused Habbox, HFFM, ThisHabbo and SnapHabbo to share their opinions on the fuss. Two of the four even strongly agreed and went on to make their own ‘blackouts’.

HabboSecrets was owned by Vado and become a huge hit in the Habbo community. It followed quest and badge guides but during official status pending, it had not made a rumoured shortlist. The reason for this very popular fansite not becoming official was because of its cause – to create guides.

During the time of Vado closing HabboSecrets, another fansite came to replace it… HabboQuests. HabboQuests’ idea was simply to copy HabboSecrets. The layout and features were completely the same as HabboSecrets. They also become very popular caused by the need for a badge-guide community site.

That leaves us with a question, does HabboQuests deserve to become official? It’s been made official even though offering the guides which stopped HS from becoming official. It also breaks another rule where Habbo can change for its officials. No money should be gained for fansite owners… HabboQuests had a deal with BittyBay to advertise which could have resulted in a lot of money gained by the owners.

Not only that buy the original owner, Badge, gave up the fansite to create HabboExtra, a now official fansite too. It’s very possible that he has done this to be running two official fansites. We will never know until he comes forward.

Now you can be the judge. Should HabboQuests have become official? Maybe the Habbo staff only disliked Vado… but that would be going against the Habbo Way?

Anyway, we wish the best of luck to HabboQuests and all other official fansites!

Other Notes: Vado was going to be an owner at HQ but was cancelled and Badge left HQ due to ‘real life’ issues. Badge then opened up HabboExtra very sharply even though he has ‘real life’ issues.

HabboQuests and HabboSecrets to Merge!

Posted on: February 26th, 2014 by Skandair

Skandair HabboQuestsPost from HabboQuests:

You’re probably completely confused over the title, but yes – WE ARE MERGING!

Last year the biggest guide site around was HabboSecrets, however later on in the year it sadly had to close due to many different reasons. Here on HabboQuests, we have developed a very dedicated team of staff that work hard day and night to produce guides for you, however the HS staff were left hanging with no job. After discussions with the owner of HabboSecrets we have come together to agree on a merge of both sites and staff! The site will remain the same other than the site being rebranded to HabboSecrets, but all HQ content will stay the same throughout the site. All of your accounts, badges, achievements will stay the same, so do not worry! With this merge it’ll bring an even bigger staff team, with even more experience – which means even better guides for you all! No more competing or hating, we shall be joined sites ran by Badgedolphingirl99945 and Vado.

We understand that this may raise concerns with some of our users, but we can promise to continue with the same excellent site you’ve been using! We hope you’ll join us in embracing this merge and joining of community.

What ACTUALLY happened to HabboSecrets? By Vado!

Posted on: January 31st, 2014 by Skandair

Vado's Blog LogoLast year, HabboSecrets managed to create a campaign called the ‘Fansite Blackouts’. It gained a lot of attention to Vado, HabboSecrets and ThisHabbo. Take a look at the situation from Vado’s point of view:

Towards the end, I felt like the website needed a change, something new, to be updated, as the site was lacking in new technology and design. I was on search for a new coder/designer as my friend was away busy with his schooling. I found a guy, named coolchris322 who is the owner of a now “official” fansite (even though I don’t think he deserves it). After doing a decent amount of work for the site, his attitude changed instantly, became very aggressive about things and wanted more power around the website, which he was not going to get. Unfortunately with some of his coding he used some of the code from his own server, which he then “turned off” so it would not function on HabboSecrets.

Read more at Vado’s Blog.

Will HabboSecrets return? Or is it lost forever after HabboQuests?

Posted on: November 19th, 2013 by Skandair

soonA lot of people was stuck in limbo after HabboSecrets had its sudden shutdown. Everyone had no idea where to go for the latest secrets and answers. But of course us, we at Behind Habbo, was here. Although, another new fansite which seemed to have a very similar idea to HabboSecrets sprung up.  I think its safe to say that the owner (Badge) of the new fansite knew it was similar. He owns HabboQuests, the new, most popular fansite for secret.

But, for those of us who still visit HS without thinking, you would of noticed they have large text saying ‘SOON’ on there site. When we think of fansites and the word soon, we think coming soon. Is HS coming back? Or is it too late? Has the time passed and a new site has took control? Well, unless HS has some good ideas up their sleeves, it looks like HQ will stay in charge.

Note: They’re both Australian, rivalry maybe? Or maybe they’re the same person *PLOT TWIST*.