Should HabboQuests have become official?

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Today Habbo have released the list of twelve fansites which have received and will remain with official status. All of these twelve sites have their own purposes and needs… But is one of them a fraud and overall copy? The last time official status was up for grabs the infamous fansite, HabboSecrets, made a huge… Read more »

HabboQuests and HabboSecrets to Merge!

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HabboSecrets and HabboQuests Merge

Post from HabboQuests: You’re probably completely confused over the title, but yes – WE ARE MERGING! Last year the biggest guide site around was HabboSecrets, however later on in the year it sadly had to close due to many different reasons. Here on HabboQuests, we have developed a very dedicated team of staff that work… Read more »

What ACTUALLY happened to HabboSecrets? By Vado!

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Vado Blog Screenshot

Last year, HabboSecrets managed to create a campaign called the ‘Fansite Blackouts’. It gained a lot of attention to Vado, HabboSecrets and ThisHabbo. Take a look at the situation from Vado’s point of view: Towards the end, I felt like the website needed a change, something new, to be updated, as the site was lacking… Read more »