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Habbo ContactIn an recent post by the Habbo staff, they have mentioned that in the near future we’ll see a magazine. It was mentioned in the ‘Short Story Competition‘ post. The top ten winners of that competition will get their short story put into the magazine. If you want the chance then follow these rules:

-Place the text of your entry inside (300 words max).

-Go to Habbo Stories, click on the Easter Island Short Story Banner, upload there.

-Deadline Tues. April 15th 12:00 GMT.

-Top 30 win the badge.

-Top 10 will be displayed in the future Habblo magazine!

-Title of your entry must be easterislandwriting. e.g. easterislandwriting.png

-Judging is based on originality of ideas, grammar and spelling, descriptive skills.

-Entries with unsuitable content shall not be displayed.


Habbo Hotel for iOS iPad

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Today at 12:00 BST Habbo has a short live stream of a prepared video which shown over 2,500+ Habbos about the new app. Habbo is coming to the iPad.

lt’s already out in Canada and the rest of the world in a few weeks. It will also be in Android store by August (hopefully).

Habbo - Come see what's next.

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Above is the live stream video which Habbo have been advertising for the past few weeks. They been adding photos to Twitter, promoting it in game and additional things… But no one knows what this brand new update is? We will find out today though. The 4.4.14th.

Update 11:01 BST: 

Only 1 hour to go now. You can join discussions on multiple websites across the fansites.

Update 11:09 BST:

New Tweet by Habbo.

Update 12:00 BST:

New live countdown for 1 minute and background beat. Watch now.


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HabboQuestsToday Habbo have released the list of twelve fansites which have received and will remain with official status. All of these twelve sites have their own purposes and needs… But is one of them a fraud and overall copy?

The last time official status was up for grabs the infamous fansite, HabboSecrets, made a huge fuss on how official fansites work. If we remember correctly, it caused Habbox, HFFM, ThisHabbo and SnapHabbo to share their opinions on the fuss. Two of the four even strongly agreed and went on to make their own ‘blackouts’.

HabboSecrets was owned by Vado and become a huge hit in the Habbo community. It followed quest and badge guides but during official status pending, it had not made a rumoured shortlist. The reason for this very popular fansite not becoming official was because of its cause – to create guides.

During the time of Vado closing HabboSecrets, another fansite came to replace it… HabboQuests. HabboQuests’ idea was simply to copy HabboSecrets. The layout and features were completely the same as HabboSecrets. They also become very popular caused by the need for a badge-guide community site.

That leaves us with a question, does HabboQuests deserve to become official? It’s been made official even though offering the guides which stopped HS from becoming official. It also breaks another rule where Habbo can change for its officials. No money should be gained for fansite owners… HabboQuests had a deal with BittyBay to advertise which could have resulted in a lot of money gained by the owners.

Not only that buy the original owner, Badge, gave up the fansite to create HabboExtra, a now official fansite too. It’s very possible that he has done this to be running two official fansites. We will never know until he comes forward.

Now you can be the judge. Should HabboQuests have become official? Maybe the Habbo staff only disliked Vado… but that would be going against the Habbo Way?

Anyway, we wish the best of luck to HabboQuests and all other official fansites!

Other Notes: Vado was going to be an owner at HQ but was cancelled and Badge left HQ due to ‘real life’ issues. Badge then opened up HabboExtra very sharply even though he has ‘real life’ issues.

Habbo Floor Editor

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We’ve recently discovered that if you use the command :Floor in your own room, you can start to learn how to make a personalised room. We’re not completely sure if you can save it yet. We’ll update this post or create a new one with more information soon.

Update: Can only be saved by Builder’s Club members.

How to Use: 

  • Go to your room
  • Enter ‘ :floor ‘
  • Use the lines of 1s and 0s to change the shape
  • Click preview
Habbo Floor Editor


Habbo Easter

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New Easter quest codes for the Easter 2014 Habbo quests have been found. We thank Puhekupla for the find. Read the code below:

quests.easter14_1.1394555073733.chaincaption=Anybody there?
quests.easter14_1.1394555073733.chaininfo=Are we alone in this island?
quests.easter14_1.1394557595419.completed=Congratulations. You found evidence of a tribe in this island. The leader of the group is glad to welcome your family of Habbos to Easter Island Please accept this charm as a symbol of friendship.
quests.easter14_1.1394557595419.desc=Are we alone in this island?
quests.easter14_1.1394557595419.hint=Thrown to a deserted island, your mission for today is finding whether there are inhabitants in this piece of earth. You will have to find the right trace of them; for example the kind of food they might eat.


1.- Never follow your instinct
2.- Follow strictly this guide
3.- Enter the Easter Island Public Room (or any room where there is an Egg Lamp)
4.- Find that kind of food that comes in a box and human would eat no matter it is cold or hot.
quests.easter14_1.1394557595419.name=Anybody there?
quests.easter14_1.name=Anybody there?
quests.easter14_2.1395056402264.chaincaption=Ritual of Initiation
quests.easter14_2.1395056402264.chaininfo=The tribe invites you to a touching experience.
quests.easter14_2.1395056584558.completed=Congratulations. The cosmos received your message. Please accept this strange mineral fallen from the space as a symbol of concord.
quests.easter14_2.1395056584558.desc=The tribe invites you to a touching experience.
quests.easter14_2.1395056584558.hint=The inhabitants of the Easter Island think that people are linked to the cosmos in a very spiritual way. You are invited to one of the most important rituals of the tribe: send a message to the stars. Refusing this invitation is considered a serious lack of respect.

Some tips to participate:
1.- Listen to the group.
2.- Follow strictly this guide.
3.- Enter the Easter Island Public Room (or any room where there is an Egg Lamp).
4.- Sit down in circles.
5.- Write a message to the stars in your motto.
quests.easter14_2.1395056584558.name=Ritual of Initiation
quests.easter14_2.name=Ritual of Initiation
quests.easter14_3.1395137952724.chaincaption=Forces of Nature
quests.easter14_3.1395137952724.chaininfo=The storm made the earth shake.
quests.easter14_3.1395138413919.completed=Nature seems to be in equilibrium. The harm has been healed. You got now a Sunflower tattooed in your Habbo forever. Check out your Badges inventory.
quests.easter14_3.1395138413919.desc=The storm made the earth shake.
quests.easter14_3.1395138413919.hint=There was an earthquake last night. Also, it started to rain at the southern region of the island, which could ruin this year’s harvests. The leader of the tribe thinks that the message we sent yesterday to the cosmos was wrong. Are you sure that what you put in your motto was nice? :-/

There is one way to amend the offense through another ancestral ceremony: Fry an Egg with a Sunflower. Please do the following:

1.- Don’t ask questions
2.- Follow strictly this guide
3.- Hold a Sunflower
4.- Encircle a The Phallus of Stars item with the help of 2 friends and their Sunflowers
5.- This will fry the Egg and its energy will calm down the forces of nature
quests.easter14_3.1395138413919.name=Forces of Nature
quests.easter14_3.name=Forces of Nature
quests.easter14_4.1395240338227.chaincaption=Portent of luck
quests.easter14_4.1395240338227.chaininfo=The plumage of Rubber Ducks is changing.
quests.easter14_4.1395241011549.completed=The Rubber Ducks are ready now to lay the first Easter Eggs of the season. Use this Badge as a compass to find them. Only the braves of the tribe will climb the highest mountains and get the most precious Easter Eggs.
quests.easter14_4.1395241011549.desc=The plumage of Rubber Ducks is changing.
quests.easter14_4.1395241011549.hint=When spring comes, the plumage of Rubber Ducks change. That’s a portent of good fortune, because it announces the arrival of the first eggs of the warm season in Easter Island The weather is nicer and life arises from everywhere. The inhabitants celebrate this making altars by stacking an Industrial Block from Builders Club, a Pink Neon Crate and a Rubber Duck. They think this will help Ducks laying eggs. To participate in this ancestral tradition, just:

1.- Enter the Easter Island Public Room (or any room where there is such a kind of altar), in the good company of a friend, your couple, or a relative.
2.- Wave both to the Rubber Duck
quests.easter14_4.1395241011549.name=Portent of luck
quests.easter14_4.name=Portent of good luck
quests.easter14_5.1395249410408.completed=Congratulations, now you are ready to meet the inhabitants of the Easter Island
quests.easter14_5.1395249410408.desc=Climb the highest mountain and get the egg.
quests.easter14_5.1395249410408.hint=The bravest inhabitants of Easter Island compete to get the first Egg of the season. Enter the Easter Island Public Room and climb to where the highest Egg is placed. As easy as clicking on it!
quests.easter14_5.1395249410408.name=1st Egg of Easter
quests.easter14_5.name=1st Egg of Easter

2013_New floor plan editor

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HabboCreation have discovered some updates to the new test floor planning. It’s not currently available but can be found on these screenshots. We hope you enjoy.

Post by HabboCreation:

Creating your own room layouts has been a long wished feature by many users. Habbo has been developing this for a really long time, and it looks like they are finishing up.

This is what some habbo’s might recognise, the floor editor was “accidentally” made available for a few minutes after an update. This was patched quickly, but (in some hotels) the rooms were allowed to stay.

This is the new version, still being worked on. Which means that it can still change completely, or even may be canceled at all.
When released, it will be available to all BC members, allowing self designed layouts, with different heights, and possible option to move/replace the door!

The first screen, is a 2D version, the second is a 3D version, which is the most likely to be used.

Bobba Habbo Room

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BobbaFilterA new setting had been added for all users to filter the chat which is being spoken in their rooms. They can now change a certain word to appear as ‘bobba’.

If the room creator adds ‘annoying’ as a filter, no one in the room will be able to say ‘annoying’. It sounds like a very useful tool for some users.

It’s available for all users so you can try it out now in your settings area which is located with the rest of your rooms information. Enjoy yourselves!

bobba room filter Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 17.04.59