Habbo Coins Drop In Price: 600c for £40

Posted on October 29th, 2014

Duck LoyaltyHabbo has updated its pricing structure to get 100c+ for more than £10 less. For roughly £40 you can get around 600c now. As one member of HabboxForum pointed out though, the ‘black markets’ still offer competitive prices.

New UK Price Structure:

20 credits – £1.50
40 credits – £3
HC 1 month – £1.50

Credit card and online:
55 credits – £3.99
110 Credits – £7.49
225 Credits – £15.49
590 Credits – £37.99
HC 1 month – £1.50

Thank you to Michael of HabboxForum.

HabboTravel to Debut English Version

Posted on October 25th, 2014

The famous Italian fansite HabboTravel have released a statement saying they will be debuting an English version of their site soon along side the Italian version. The site will be located at HabboTravel.NET.

Their original site was first introduced to the Habbo world in 2012 and after two years will be one of a few fansites ever to fully translate to another languages. Although, it is not very likely every bit of their content will be converted for Habbo.com, just the key stuff. I guess we have competition now!

xxMATTGxx Becomes the New Owner of Habbox

Posted on October 8th, 2014

MattG FireThe longest running official fansite, Habbox, has introduced a new owner to its senior team. The owners used to only include sierk and Jin but have been extended to long-serving general manager, xxMATTGxx.

He was appointed general manager in 2010 and again in 2011 after joining in 2006. He had previously held other senior roles as features manager and forum manager.

Congratulations to xxMATTGxx and Wispur who will be replacing him as general manager. Join the discussion on Habbox’s forums for further chat.

New Official Habbo Magazine… Coming Soon!

Posted on April 17th, 2014

Habbo ContactIn an recent post by the Habbo staff, they have mentioned that in the near future we’ll see a magazine. It was mentioned in the ‘Short Story Competition‘ post. The top ten winners of that competition will get their short story put into the magazine. If you want the chance then follow these rules:

-Place the text of your entry inside (300 words max).

-Go to Habbo Stories, click on the Easter Island Short Story Banner, upload there.

-Deadline Tues. April 15th 12:00 GMT.

-Top 30 win the badge.

-Top 10 will be displayed in the future Habblo magazine!

-Title of your entry must be easterislandwriting. e.g. easterislandwriting.png

-Judging is based on originality of ideas, grammar and spelling, descriptive skills.

-Entries with unsuitable content shall not be displayed.